Annie & The Bang Bang “American Pop Fever Dream” – is this what you humans call love?

It sounds like, well, what ?  Take this set of lines: “Futon in the basement / Candle on the bookshelf / you turn up the radio / gonna find out what we don’t know” and marry them to Jefferson Airplane filtered through Big Star and with a bit of pop-garage courtesy of Blondie thrown in for good measure.  And what does it all mean?  Well, ‘American Pop Fever Dream‘ is one of six songs that came during a writing retreat Annie and the Bang Bang went on in January of 2022. In the dead of winter in an old hotel in Wisconsin, John Riedlinger started strumming and Annie Enneking dug out a set of lyrics that didn’t yet have a home. It’s hummable nostalgia, a relatable tune about the highs and lows of first love.  Love…to the tunes on the radio…on a futon…in a basement…by candle light.

Annie Enneking, not surprisingly, founded the band whose line-up firmed up in 2017 around the guitar of John Riedlinger, the bass of Kari Tweiten, and Mike Kittel on drums.  Annie & The Bang Bang have released six albums, and today’s song comes from the mist recent release ‘Radio Baby‘.  It’s fair to say that the Minneapolis-based band genre hops from dreamy folk-pop to late sixties rock to swampy psychedelic blues…and today’s take on slow paced power pop.  So, let it rip.


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