Arik Dov “The Man” (Independent, 2020)

I saw a t-shirt once that said “there are too many bikes, said no one ever” and I thought that was funny. Not laugh out loud funny, but funny cos it’s true funny. I’d wear one that said “we need more melancholy solo acoustic records by singer-songwriters, said no one ever” cos, you know, it’s also funny cos it’s true. We do not need more melancholic records by singing and songwriting men. We just need the occasional one.

Like this. Four articulate, ‘heartfelt and sentimental indie folk’ songs that don’t kick down any doors or crackle with anything particularly original, but nonetheless contain beautiful words, see opener ‘Phone Call From God’, and gorgeous melodies, see title track. There’s little to choose between those on offer, such is the quality, and aside from the oddly placed change of pace for a minute toward the end of ‘Hiding Place’ (which makes it sound a bit Damien Rice, not a good thing) it barely puts a foot wrong. Overall, an impressive and hugely enjoyable EP. This won’t be the last we hear of Arik Dov. Fingers crossed

An EP that may yet vindicate its creator

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