AUK’s Chain Gang: Andrew Combs “Strange Bird”

Photo: Nick Barber

After smoking, drinking and getting high on all manner of stuff with the Chain Gang over the last few weeks, it is time to clean up our act. At least a little bit. Last week, our Features Editor, Clint West, had us rockin’ to the BR5-49’s ‘Me and Opie (Down By The Duck Pond)‘, and what a raucous experience that was.

This week, the somewhat tenuous link is to our feathered friends as we relax to the beautifully mellow sound of Andrew Combs’s ‘Strange Bird‘ from his superb album ‘All These Dreams‘. Combs wears his heart on his sleeve as he sings about his search for his perfect female partner with analogies to more than one type of ‘bird’. On the one hand, the lyrics are cryptic and clever. On the other, they are simple and obvious. However, throughout, Combs’s performance is gentle, lilting and longing.

And, what could be better, he is even coming back to Newcastle on his current UK tour.

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