AUK’s Chain Gang: Another emotionally raw song from the other end of the telescope “Your Daddy Hates Me”

Drive-By Truckers
Photo: Brantley Guitierrez

Following ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ by Bonnie Raitt, we are exploring the polar opposite of love with this wonderful Drive-By Truckers song  from the ‘Decoration Day‘ album. This is Patterson Hood’s lament for an escaped love. Lyrically straightforward and heartfelt. We’ve all been there, recognising our own faults as a relationship crumbles though perhaps not as intensely as Patterson! The funeral pace and Isbell’s squealing bottleneck guitar adding menace to the heartache filling it with a doomed damnation. This is a deep deep cut and all the better for it though it definitely represents  a particular time in the Truckers development.

“And I know your daddy hates meI know I probably hate me tooBut I also know you don’t hate meEven though you probably like to and ought to “

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