Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats “Tearing at the Seams” (Stax Records, 2018)

When you think of the good ol’ USA and start to muse on the hotbeds of music over the years, the names of the famous music cities start to drift through the psyche as a misty-eyed reverence pulls you towards them.  You ponder all the greats that have emanated from the fabled places like Detroit, New Orleans, Nashville, LA, New York, Chicago and Denver. Denver?  Well, it did produce Earth, Wind and Fire singer Philip Bailey and one or two others but that’s about it really (sorry Denver!). That may be all about to change with the release of the excellent ‘Tearing at the Seams’. Continue reading “Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats “Tearing at the Seams” (Stax Records, 2018)”

Torgeir Waldemar “Jamais Vu” (Jansen Records, 2018)

With the release of the cleverly titled mini album Jamais Vu, Norwegian singer/songwriter Torgeir Waldemar revisits some of the songs from his first two albums and skillfully manages to present a very different interpretation. So what exactly is Jamais vu some of the more inquisitive among you may be asking yourselves?  In essence it’s the opposite of Déjà vu.  If Déjà vu is the sensation that a place or event someone is currently experiencing has been experienced before – even when that cannot actually be the case, Continue reading “Torgeir Waldemar “Jamais Vu” (Jansen Records, 2018)”

Jane Allison “Methylene Blue” (Horus Music Limited 2017)

Just occasionally, an album comes along where almost from the first note the music just reaches out, wraps itself around you and reaches deep into your very soul. With her second album, Methylene Blue, Aberystwyth born Jane Allison takes the foundations laid down in her earlier music and has crafted an album of unexpected maturity and simple beauty that enchants and delights from start to finish.  Continue reading “Jane Allison “Methylene Blue” (Horus Music Limited 2017)”