Jamie McLean Band “One & Only” (BabyRobotMedia, 2018)

Back in the 90s a new sub-genre was named: “Country-Rock”. Sure, it had always been there in the background, waiting to surface, kind of like a bench player who had come up through the youth team ranks and was now ready to be blooded in the first eleven. There were some rather decent luminaries under this handle, with some big hits; songs such as ‘Mr Jones‘ and ‘Hold My Hand‘ even hitting the UK chart and the bridge between great tunes and sometimes heavy rock finally being crossed. Continue reading “Jamie McLean Band “One & Only” (BabyRobotMedia, 2018)”

Christina Martin “Impossible To Hold” (Come Undone Records, 2018)

It’s always a quandary when reviewing whether comparing your subject to other acts is a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes you just end up listing a load of the artist’s obvious influences rather than actually writing; sometimes it’s essential to name check other well-known acts in order to help the reader fully grasp what it is you can hear. It is a problem trying to turn sound into words without some kind of special, futuristic machine invented by Doc Brown in the year 2055 and brought back to the present in a Delorean. Oh, how we wish had one of those machines at Americana UK Towers. Continue reading “Christina Martin “Impossible To Hold” (Come Undone Records, 2018)”

Alpha Mule “Peripheral Vision” (Giant Meteor Records, 2018)

Eric Stoner and Joe Forkan, both visual artists by day, come together to form a potent partnership much greater than its parts. Their website claims influence by rock, blues, bluegrass, folk and traditional country and to be honest, that is a fair summing up of the variety of styles on this wonderful album, albeit that it only ever tempts us toward bluegrass, never actually quite taking us through the door. Continue reading “Alpha Mule “Peripheral Vision” (Giant Meteor Records, 2018)”