Belle And Sebastian “Young And Stupid” – talking about us again

Photo: Hollie Fernando

Everyone’s favourite whimsically fay folk-rockers Belle and Sebastian return (again!) with a new song that reflects on the follies and foibles of youth, looking back on that state of being from a distance large enough to give perspective.  If, like the Americana UK team, you’re still some way off from gaining that perspective then here’s a chance to gain some insight without all that tedious aging process.   The lyric video features photo’s taken from the band member’s photo-albums (they were like books in which tangible copies of the photographs which had been captured on film (it was a pre-digital method of capturing an image using light sensitive materials on a plastic layer) were kept in order to show to visiting friends and relatives or for personal reflection on key moments in one’s life. Or things you did at school.).

What’s the inspiration for the song?  Well, Actor Jon Hamm (Mad Men, Baby Driver) said: “In 2015 at Bonnaroo, Belle and Sebastian invited Zach Galifianakis and me up to the stage during their set to toss gummy bears in each other’s mouths. Then Stuart got into the fun and demanded a catch as well.  It was dramatic, stupid, and done with style and grace. I know I can speak for Zach when I say ‘I want to thank them for their inclusion of us into their show.’  I know the audience was simply confused, but we were absolutely delighted.  Please enjoy this new album with a gummy bear of your choice, and think fondly of all of us.”

Which seems to suggest that seven years ago Belle and Sebastian were young and foolish.  I know, the maths doesn’t quite work out for me either, but we’ll take them at their word.

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Jeffrey Farrell

One of my favourite bands and I am continually amazed that I got to listen to their hometown concert in Scotland on NPR. Thank you America