Ben Cook-Feltz “Magnet On Your Refrigerator” – is Nashville Eden?

Ben Cook-Feltz has some doubts about Nashville – it’s just possible, he suggests, that Nashville is not the centre of the Universe, musical or otherwise.  And as a result he doesn’t have any intentions of upping sticks and move to the legendary music city.  He expresses some thoughts on the gently mocking ‘Magnet On Your Refrigerator‘,   which also makes a strong case for staying right where he is….because he likes it there.

Speaking of the themes of ‘Magnet On Your Refrigerator‘ Ben Cook-Feltz has said “The song initially started out as a knock on a trend I’d noticed in a lot of Americana songwriting, which was to look to Nashville as something of an end-all-tell-all Big Rock Candy Mountain. But I pretty quickly decided I didn’t want to write a mean-spirited song, I was much more interested in writing a song about who I am and where I’m at, at this point in my life. It’s about finding peace in recognizing your true self, and using that peace to guide you forward.

Magnet On Your Refrigerator‘ is taken from the new album ‘Trucks’ which comes out on October 22nd.

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