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Photo: Neil Bryars Photogrophy (press image via artist)

Part of the point of AmericanaFest – and the showcases in particular – is to find some new people and bands who are producing good music, and also have new music coming out soon.  Ben Jordan gave an excellent set in Night Tales,  and he does indeed have a new album coming soon.  Ben Jordan is an American singer-songwriter from Denver, Colorado but he currently resides in Bristol.  That’s our Bristol, in the UK.   Ben Jordan is a performing member of the Black Opry revue and as well as being a showcase artists he’s been a panellist at AMA-UK.

What about this new music though? Well, he recently finished recording a new album called ‘Hymns Beneath the White Noise‘, which was mixed by Jimbo Hart and it will be released this year.  ‘El Dorado‘ is a first taste from the album, and uses the imagery of the legendary city of gold as a contrast to a reality of eating what one can catch and sleeping where one can.  It has a timeless Americana feel to it, not unlike The Band, with the historical point of reference left to the listener to decide – is this today or a hundred years ago?

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