Benedicte Brænden “The Last Place That Satan Ever Slept” – This really is the end

Photo: Christine Engstad

It seems like an age since we last featured a Nordicana artist on the Track feature, so it’s good to have this new song from Benedicte Brænden to begin the Track week with.  It’s taken from her new album ‘Raging River’, her third release and it’s fair to say that she’s pretty pleased with it, saying that with this new music “For the first time in my life, I started calling myself a musician.”

On ‘The Last Place That Satan Ever Slept‘ Benedicte Brænden blends a country feel with a hard rocking accompaniment – with some really classy lead guitar and storming harmonica.  This end of the world is not happening quietly.

Benedicte Brænden brought in some new musicians to work with as her band for the new album – whilst including producer Christian Engfelt and guitarist Stian Sveen (Lucky Lips) were on her 2017 album ‘Blood on Your Hands’,  there’s a new rhythm section with Martin Windstad on drums and percussion and Yngve Jordalen (The Northern Belle) on bass. David Wallumrød plays organ and piano.

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