Bill Abernathy “More”

MTS, 2023

Heartfelt album number four for Kansas City troubadour.

Kansas City-based musician Abernathy has had a challenging journey to become a respected and successful singer-songwriter, having been born in a condemned hospital. He made his breakthrough in 2017 and this his fourth release to date.

Opener ‘It Is What It Is Until It’s Not’ is an energetic rocker with some fine guitar work from Kevin Rogers, which is followed by the first of two versions of ‘The 70’s Were A Little Hard On Me’ – this one the ‘yacht rock’ version (the ‘country rock’ version appears later).  It’s a tribute to the long gone elements of life in the seventies and has a witty and caustic tone to it. ‘Hide Away’ is a passionate take on confronting one’s demons and builds nicely to some epic sounds in the second half of the song.

More’ is another track where we’re given two versions – the latter the acoustic version – this first version acoustic tinged and is a look at longing and aspiration.  ‘Call Their Name’ is another heartfelt song which gets two versions – this and an acoustic version. ‘Save Your Drama For Your Momma’ is the most effective track on the album – a rousing song with a strong drum beat pulsing throughout.

There’s some accomplished production throughout from Larry Gann, whose credits include Elton John and the Backstreet Boys. Sadly, though, this is a somewhat lacklustre collection, where the passion that’s obviously there for Abernathy in his writing gets a little lost on the listener. Having two versions of so many of the songs doesn’t help matters and whilst musically accomplished, it’s an enjoyable listen but regrettably nothing more.


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