BJ Barham: “Anything Americana is gonna have 50/50”

American Aquarium’s BJ Barham is featured in the latest Walking the Floor podcast courtesy of RS Country where he’s talking again with host Chris Shiflett about various things including today’s alt-country scene and the political allegiances of its audience, at least over in the US.

He tells Shiflett: “Anything Americana — anything based in acoustic guitar — is gonna have 50/50. You’re gonna have the left that loves the songwriting and loves that you’re an articulate songwriter [who’s] coming through and saying things about life, but you’re also gonna have good ol’ boys that relate to everything I’m talking about. When I’m singing these songs,  I’m literally singing to half the crowd that voted left and half the album that voted for Trump. When I was writing this record, it was all about, ‘How do I make these observations and ask these questions without just downright insulting people?’” You can catch the whole podcast below.

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