BJ Barham: “Anything Americana is gonna have 50/50”

American Aquarium’s BJ Barham is featured in the latest Walking the Floor podcast courtesy of RS Country where he’s talking again with host Chris Shiflett about various things including today’s alt-country scene and the political allegiances of its audience, at least over in the US. Continue reading “BJ Barham: “Anything Americana is gonna have 50/50””

Interview: BJ Barham of American Aquarium

BJ Barham is over in the UK for a short tour, with his band American Aquarium, showcasing tunes from his latest and greatest album, ‘Things Change.’ Mark Underwood of AUK sat down to talk to him before their Borderline show in London earlier this month, where they discussed – among other things – his experiences of working with Jason Isbell and John Fullbright, the songwriting process, BJ’s upbringing and his love of Tom Petty. Continue reading “Interview: BJ Barham of American Aquarium”

American Aquarium + Anthony D’Amato, The Louisiana, Bristol, 30th October 2018

Last time Anthony D’Amato toured he was supporting Ziggy Marley as a last minute addition. Winning over a crowd cheering “Ziggy, Ziggy” and expecting the dreadlocked man to walk on stage was not easy. Tonight, however, it’s a whole different ballgame. D’Amato was on the bill this time to open for American Aquarium, so the small Bristol crowd that has shown up early and gathered in the stuffy upstairs room of the Louisiana is here to listen to him. Straight from the first note, D’Amato gets the audience on his side. It’s with full energy and enthusiasm – contrasting with his pessimistic lyrics – that he performs his songs, accompanied by dynamic guitar strums and frenetic harmonica solos. Continue reading “American Aquarium + Anthony D’Amato, The Louisiana, Bristol, 30th October 2018”

American Aquarium hit the UK for tour dates next week

One of American’s hardest working frontmen is heading to the UK with his new band for a limited number of dates at the end of the month. Originally formed in 2006,  BJ Barham’s band, American Aquarium, announced the dissolution of its former lineup in April of last year. Now with a new backing band, including lead guitarist Shane Boeker, drummer Joey Bybee, bassist Ben Hussey, and pedal-steel guitarist Adam Kurtz, American Aquarium will be promoting their superb new album, ‘Things Change,’ with shows in Bristol, Manchester and London. Continue reading “American Aquarium hit the UK for tour dates next week”

American Aquarium are back – and there’s something fishy about the new line-up

Tbh it’s just changed but that’s only the first of many fish related jokes/puns you can expect if we feature them again over the coming months. They are of course named after a line from the Wilco song ‘I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.’ Oh and have a good weekend dear readers. Rolling Stone reports: “As far as album titles go, ‘Things Change’ would seem to be an understatement for American Aquarium. The new LP, due to be released June 1st through New West Records, sees an entirely revamped lineup behind bandleader BJ Barham. Continue reading “American Aquarium are back – and there’s something fishy about the new line-up”