Brady Harris “Keep Your Cover” (Independent, 2019)

This is a sweet and simple confection that punches above its short minute count on the strength of its songwriting, production and musicality. Opening with ‘Tell Me Why’, you could be fooled into thinking you’re getting a Neil Young cover, instead of which there’s a Macartneyesque ditty complete with whistling and some gorgeous harmonies and choruses.

Sweet! Second track ‘Say Hello Wave Goodbye’ again isn’t a cover of a better-known track and again is no disappointment. A muscular acoustic track with subtle arrangement and simple lyricism. All acoustic but finely balanced as the vocals sit on the hint of accordion. Mistake to Make’ again sounds like a lot of Beatles has been listened to in the songwriting process: there’s ‘Taxman’ here as well as ‘Daytripper’. It’s a little less polished than the previous tracks but still cuts a fair swathe through most of the things that pass across this desk.

Me and the Bean’ is the final track on the EP and hints at a catalogue that will grow. This is different and feels like a progression. Gently strummed guitar, jazzy inflexions. Is that a cello? Harmonies float in and out. This is far more thoughtful and original, leaving the listener wanting to hear more as the steel guitar wafts him away on a dream. Lovely.

Classy EP that hints at real treasure to come

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