Carla Olson “Set You Free This Time” – with Gene Clark

Photo: Rob Bleetstein

Oh, this is truly something special for you today dear reader.  Taken from Carla Olson’s third album of duets, entitled ‘Have Harmony Will Travel 3‘ comes this previously unreleased recording of Carla and Gene Clark singing Gene’s song ‘Set You Free This Time‘.  Carla Olson tells us that “On a very hot and humid evening in 1987 Gene Clark and I stepped on the outdoor stage at the Summer Lights Festival in Nashville. Two guitars, two voices performed ‘Gypsy Rider’ and ‘Del Gato’ from our new duet album ‘So Rebellious A Lover’ and Gene’s Byrds classic ‘Set You Free This Time’.”

And it may be of interest to know that those other two recordings are also on the new album in a closing trio subtitled ‘Knights In Tarnished Armor‘ – it’s an apt appellation, but isn’t it great to hear these two harmonizing voices again?

These songs sit alongside duets with the likes of Robert Rex Waller Jr. (I See Hawks in LA), Allan Clarke (The Hollies), and Shawn Barton Vach (Hazeldine) amongst others.  ‘Have Harmony Will Travel 3‘ will be released on October 20th via BFD/Orchard

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Martin Johnson

AUK will be chatting with Carla Olson later in the month.

Alan Peatfield

Simply great just to hear Gene’s voice again. Many thanks.