Casey Neill And The Norway Rats “How Beautiful Am I?” – well, if I had to say…

Photo: Jason Quigley

Oh wow – now this is something really special for you all dear readership.  ‘How Beautiful Am I?’ is a song from the latest album ‘Sending Up Flares‘ , the fourth, from Portland’s  Casey Neil and the Norway Rats, a band who rightly deserve the label of “supergroup”.  Who are the Norway Rats ?  Well – the core of the band is Jenny Conlee of the Decemberists, guitarist/producer Chet Lyster of the Eels, and Casey Neill (who, in addition to releasing solo material, often moonlights as a member of The Minus 5). ‘Sending Up Flares‘ also features guest appearances from Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker who contributes vocal harmonies to the jittery “Jumping Out Of My Skin,” while Slang’s Anita Lee Elliott adds some George Harrison-influenced slide guitar riffs to that song’s arrangement. Scott McCaughey and R.E.M.’s Peter Buck both appear on the song  appear on ‘The Stars Unseen.’  All empting reasons to get the album – but what of this song?  Well, it powers along like the Decemberists doing college rock, and it brings in more than a hint of Warren Zevon.  Frankly I could, and probably will, listen to this all day.  A grey January Monday morning just got a whole lot better.

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