Chorus Of Courage “Sweet Little Hummingbird” – a safe space

Today’s song is really something noteworthy, the outcome of a moment of trust between a survivor of violence and a songwriter with the compassion and skill to be able to together craft a song that translates experiences of pain into something that honours the act of survival and personal strength.  ‘Sweet Little Hummingbird’  is reflection on the lived experience of storyteller, Denyse, as interpreted by Toronto folk singer-songwriter Julian Taylor.

Julian explains the song’s origins and Denyse’s story, which moved him to contribute to the catalogue of songs produced by Chorus of Courage which inspire resilience and hope:  “It is a story of abuse and a struggle through pain that was shared with me through a letter she wrote to me and then through conversations we had with one another where she would go into more detail about the trauma that she faced as a young person and how she’s worked through it.   The horrible and horrific things that happened to her scared me to the core, and I vowed to keep her story close to my chest and use music and poetry as a way to heal, communicate and reveal the pure strength and pure resonance she illuminates.”

Sweet Little Hummingbird‘ is taken from the upcoming album, ‘Always By Your Side‘ (to be released on March 22nd), a moving record which stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of all voices and advocates for a world where voices are heard, honoured, and empowered.   Chorus of Courage is a space created to hold and honour the voices and stories of survivors of violence with a group who became friends and allies – a supportive family.

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