Chris Carrapetta “Nothing Left to Lose”

Independent, 2023

A fair bit of Introspection. Still lots of love required.

Chris Carrapetta Album Art‘Nothing Left to Lose’ is Australian Chris Carrapetta’s second album. He says: “The songs that I wrote for this album are mostly about what was happening around a certain time in my life. My marriage ended and I found myself reflecting on how that came about. I also found myself in new relationships.

Three singles have been released from the record to date. The first, ‘This is Not the End’ is a jaunty track that exemplifies his singing style and unquestionable musical talent. The second, ‘Golden Light’ is another fine track. It was co-written with Loretta D’urso but the album has Becky Bennison harmonising beautifully, the backing vocals lifting the song to another level.

Although Carrapetta reflects about his marriage breaking down and the hope of finding new love, there’s not enough heart-felt emotion or eagerly anticipated lines to stoke the imagination. Some songs are cliche-ridden and have too much introspection such as openers: ‘Can You Help me Out?’ and ‘Caught Out in the Rain’. Certainly the more positive tracks, like the third single ‘Making Me Smile’ and  ‘Keep Me Strong’, get the listener on Carrapetta’s side.

An interesting and more outward-looking track is ‘I Hope It’s Not Too Late.’ For once Carrapetta reflects outwardly: “Is anybody saying, how they really feel. When everyone’s so busy and addicted to their screens.” A great line.

Carrapetta’s syllable-stretching singing style can feel overdone at times. Still, there is a lot to enjoy musically on ‘Nothing Left to Lose.’ It is very well mixed and produced by Dean Bennison. Carrapetta is fortunate to be surrounded by a tight group of musical friends on this album. He doesn’t want to lose them.

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