Classic Clips: The National “About Today” Germany 2008

The National are not just any old americana band, they are also one of the most significant bands of the 21st century.  A band of consummate musicians who wear their musical abilities lightly – showboating isn’t really a thing with The National – even Matt Berninger’s strolls through the audience are more of a communing than an act of lead singer braggadocio.   Taken from their ‘Cherry Tree‘ EP, ‘About Todayhas been described as ” jaw dropping in its intensity, the doubt that Matt Berninger communicate[s]…over the most aching of violin accompaniment and an insistent, and persistent, drum pattern.

There are other versions of this song on YouTube, quite a number, and arguably these include better performances – debatable but let’s say that’s true.  What this version has is not just the expected passion of The National, because that’s a given, but here’s a song that is being performed in fairly heavy rain, and if any song deserved to be played and heard in the pouring rain then ‘About Today‘ is that song.

Oh, and to be serious for just a moment – this video does contain flashing images towards the end.  A lot of them.

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Remember seeing them around this time in a small venue here in southern Sweden. Remarkable, intense!