Classic Clips: Wilco, Mavis Staples and Nick Lowe “The Weight” – Chicago Civic Opera House, 2012

Featuring three greatly loved artists round these ere parts, this a glorious piece of film from the green room of the Chicago Civic Opera House in 2012 as they rehearse the encore they are about to perform. It feels joyous and spontaneous, it is everything music should be. Great song, great musicians and a real sense of a shared experience. Enjoy.

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Alan Ainsworth

Not a bad voice among them, but Mavis Staples dominates and quite right to. I have heard worse versions of “The Weight” done by other bands who are classed as well worth a listen This “rehearsal” is so full of life and fun I will listen to it again and again. It is “live” in the best meaning of the word, thank you.


This is one of my favourite You Tube clips for when I need cheering up. It is just so delicious when Nick Lowe nails his verse, whilst looking like an ordinary bloke who just happened to be there 😄👍