Cole Scheifele “All The While” – Listen

All the While‘ is the new single from Cole Scheifele – it’s a song that flips between a  scratchy lo-fi folky feel and full on rock end of folk-rock, sweetened by strings.  It’s a song that extolls the virtue of living in the moment and, you know, going for it.  Naturally it’s the product of a Covid induced inability to just get out there and do it – but those days will return and when they do, well Cole Scheifele is ready for them.

The Denver based musician told us a thing or two about the song: “This is one of the only songs I’ve ever written that really breaks open and gets big.  We made it that way on purpose. I wanted it to feel like that feeling of really cracking your heart open and letting go of all the things in life that weigh you down and just going for it.

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