Track Premiere: Cormac Russell “Like Juliet”

Cormac Russell is a bit obsessed with Romeo & Juliet, as he told us the song’s “words might have been influenced by film adaptations of Romeo and Juliet, but more likely it sprang from my readings of the play. I’m rather obsessed with this particular work by the Bard, and have taught the play in schools as well as seeing it at the Globe.

Cormac Russell was born in Canada but raised in Ireland, and his sixth album ‘Prisoners’ will be released this April.  The album was recorded at home during the pandemic lockdowns and the title might be seen as an obvious reference to that time but as Russell explains “The songs do not revolve completely around my feelings about being kept ‘prisoner’ so to speak during the pandemic, but also relate to the rather universal feeling of being trapped. There are several literary references to writers like Kazuo Ishiguro and Victor Hugo, as well as Shakespeare. As an aspiring novelist, my songs are quite influenced by what I read, as well as films that I watch. Some of the songs are indelibly political, and there is some reference to the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige. Other songs on the album are purely personal and incorporate a stream of conscious lyrical style; which often forgoes conventional song structure and rhyme for a more prose like style.

Like Juliet‘ will be released on 17th February, but Americana UK are happy to give this earlier preview.

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