cua “Songs Of The Hollow” (Anseoceol, 2017)

The latest release from this Irish trio stands right at the forefront of contemporary cutting-edge folk and even that description sells it a little short. This trio are not just folk musicians (although that is their dominant sound) but take influences from across the globe and a variety of musical styles – classical, jazz and more – with invigorating results. The three voices of John Davidson, Shane Booth and Ros O’Meara are the drivers for the music and they merge together to create a mighty and inspiring sound on the likes of ‘Hot Blooded’ and the righteous anger of the acapella ‘The Other Man’.They can play as well though, as the fast and furious instrumental ‘Blackdog’ testifies and the delicate ‘A Stone On A Beach’ shows they can do quiet too if needs be. In fact, judging by this album one suspects there’s very little they can’t do, and do well. Not as in your face as Stick In The Wheel, cua are no less powerful and have the same potential to reach beyond the folk ghetto. One can only hope they do for this is music that deserves, nay needs, to be heard.



Powerful cutting edge folk from Ireland

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