Danny George Wilson and Promoter Del Day Launch New Label

News from two of our longstanding supporters here at AUK – Del Day (from Ark PR, Big City Lights UK) and Danny George Wilson (Danny & The Champions Of The World, Grand Drive) have launched a new record label called Maiden Voyage Recording Company which promises according to Del: “rock ‘n’ roll, blues, punk, reggae, country and good old southern soul.” He went on tell us: “I think the label idea began a few years ago now after a few late ales at the Betsey. It’s been on the agenda since then so its great to finally make it a reality.” 

“Maiden Voyage Recording Company is a label not driven by fashion or trends but by a deep rooted love for the musical art form and an never ending search for new sonic sensations that we will now be able to share with you all.”

Danny, lead singer of UK band Danny & The Champions Of The World and Grand Drive, reflects: “When I was a teenager we used to get the bus to ‘Beanos’ in Croydon, spend all our money and read the liner notes and credits in those gatefold sleeves all the way back. I’d buy anything that James Burton played on or anything on the Stax label…I had fads that covered everything from Delta Blues to Prog to Hip Hop to Jazz to Country music…still do… I love making music…I love making music because I love records and it seems like another great adventure to be a record company guy too. The best thing about finding great records is sharing them with your friends and this is all just an extension of that.”

The label’s debut release is Henry Senior Jr’s ‘Plates Of Meat’. As pedal steel player for The Champs these last few years Henry’s record will appeal “not just to lovers of pedal steel guitar but to anyone with a sense of playful adventure.”  That’s us!   Head to their site for more on the new label.

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