David Quinn ”Country Fresh”

Down Home Records/ Soundly Music, 2022

A country album that wants to make you keep moving.

Coming originally from Illinois and influenced by the music of John Prine, Quinn describes his music as Black Dirt Country. It certainly has a blue collar feel about it. Songs about trains, family and even food are all here. Mostly though it’s about packing bags & leaving. Looking for answers. He’s spending his days with the motor running. This very aptly sums up the feel of the album, a feeling that he wants to keep moving forward, moving away moving onwards.

It starts off at a tremendous pace, all fiddles, steel guitars and a definite driving beat on ‘Low Down’ . It’s a pace that is kept up throughout the album.  The slower songs do work well to give it the light and shade needed, especially the poignant ‘Long Road’ another song about leaving and death which does have a definite feeling of loss about it.

The whole album has a huge twang about it. The songs are mostly short, but each is a simple story well told.  The musicianship is excellent and his voice is strong. Throughout the overall sense is a restlessness, an itch,  which never seems to be scratched.

The standout track is the slower ‘I Just Want to Feel Alright’ a reflective song about anger and past mistakes, the harmonica playing on this track really giving a lift to the spartan melancholic feel. You can imagine sitting in a downtown bar eating corn and chili drinking a beer watching these guys on stage smiling and tapping your toes. A classic country album that makes you want to tip your Stetson & shout Yee Haa!


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