Drive-by Truckers solo artist releases companion album next week

Matt Patton has announced a companion album entitled ‘Tick‘ which will be released on November 11th on Dial Back Sound. The album accompanies Driver-by Truckers tour partner Jerry Joseph’s album ‘The Beautiful Madness‘ which we described on its release as “not just a very good album; it is an exceptional one. It grows with each listen as its complexities begin to decipher.“. ‘Tick‘ includes demos, outtakes, and live versions, which were discovered at DBT bassist Matt Patton, Dial Back Sound, where all of the tracks for ‘The Beautiful Madness‘ were recorded. Here, demo material for ‘Sometimes a Great Notion’ and the title track was found. Jackmormon Stephen Drizos made the demo versions at his home studio, The Panther, with Joseph and producer Patterson Hood performing. ‘Dead Confederate‘ is one the band were particularly pleased to re-record as it had formerly been lost.

The second half includes live performances of songs from ‘The Beautiful Madness‘. DBT producer David Barbe captured the live tracks at their annual ‘Heathen Homecoming’ shows in 2020. That night at The 40Watt Club in Athens, GA, was the first and only complete set of ‘The Beautiful Madness’ material performed by Jerry Joseph fronting The Drive-By Truckers.


1. Tick (Demo)
2. Sometimes A Great Notion (Demo)
3. The Mountain
4. South of South
5. Quiet
6. Days of Heaven (Live)
7. Bone Towers (Live)
8. San Acacia (Live)
9. Sugar Smacks (Live)
10. Dead Confederate (Live)

The album will be available on vinyl and your favourite streaming platform. You can pre-order the album from the artist’s website.

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Martin Johnson

Americana UK will be reviewing ‘Tick’ on Wednesday next week.

Adrian Cambridge

I bought this, perhaps with a slightly different track list but same title, at DBT gig in Kentish Town earlier in the year. Its excellent…I especially love the intro to Dead confederate…”You don’t see statues of Rommel in Germany”….