Emma Swift “I Contain Multitudes” – Listen

Indisputably what the world needs now is more Dylan, and we’re in luck as there as Dylan has a new album a-comin’ down the tracks.  He’s not alone in this, as Emma Swift also has a Dylan album a-comin’.  Her’s is called ‘Blonde on the Tracks’ and has eight covers of Dylan songs on it.  It’s out on Tiny Ghost Records on August 15th.

The Australian born songwriter started working on the album in 2017 in Nashville but – and this may not be a complete surprise – it was the Covid-19 crisis that finally got the record finished.  Of course if the album had been finished sooner then the lead song ‘I Contain Multitudes‘ wouldn’t have been on it.  Which makes for a new party game – which Dylan song would have filled Track 2 on the new Emma Swift album?  Here’s the actual list:

1. Queen Jane Approximately
2. I Contain Multitudes
3. One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)
4. Simple Twist of Fate
5. Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands
6. The Man in Me
7. Going Going Gone
8. You’re a Big Girl Now

Here’s a wild guess, which may never be confirmed or denied, but tentatively ‘I’m Not There‘ would have filled that space nicely.  Anyway, all that aside here’s a really nice reinterpretation of Dylan’s newest material – and here’s hoping we get a lot more.  But only if they’re good, you dig?

Photo : Autumn Dozier

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