Eoin Glackin “Fires Of Innocence” (Independent 2018)

Dublin born and raised Eoin Glackin has delivered an album of brash charm which zips along at a fair old pace, full of earworms and some lovely melodies. Opening with the guitar driven ‘High King Falls’ followed by the Hothouse Flowersy ‘Where While You Can,’ all shouted vocals and fiddle harmonies. ‘Barabbas Walks Free’ appears to alter the template with its delicate picked guitar but soon succumbs to a driving rhythm, hollered vocals and there’s that fiddle again along with a short and sweet guitar solo. 

There is a troubadour feel to the delivery of ‘Suffer Me A Little Longer’ with its hymnal refrain and ‘Record Store Blues’ is a Ryan Adams style pean to a past long gone. As the album unwinds it becomes clear that this is an artist in love with words who wraps his tunes around them. The musicianship is top drawer throughout, however, the vocals sometimes lack the depth for the material. That said the Conor Oberstlike delivery on ‘Pity the Poor Comedian’ is pitch perfect.

There is a talent here that may well need a couple more albums to really come to fruition but this a good listen from start to finish. 




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