Fancy joining our news team?

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We are looking for someone who can write well to join our team to work with our News Editor to publish relevant americana stories to our audience. Everyone who contributes to AUK does it in their spare time so there is no remuneration but there is a lot of love/glory and you get to join our merry little throng, plus you’ll have the opportunity to know about important americana news before everyone else! No previous experience of publication is necessary – you just need to be able to string a sentence together properly. If you’re interested please do give us a shout using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Editor of Americana UK website, the UK's leading home for americana news and reviews since 2001 (when life was simpler, at least for the first 253 days)
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Dean Nardi

I wrote before to Andrew Frolish about this and he offered to get me started. Unfortunately, moving twice in two years (with horses as well) derailed that opportunity. Time has opened up now when I might become involved.