Franc Cinelli returns with new single – every two weeks!

Leaving you this weekend dear dear readers with news that Italian-born songwriter Franc Cinelli has returned with his first new music since 2015’s ‘The Marvel Age’ album. Starting today, Franc will be releasing a new ‘single’ every two weeks. Some of them will be new songs, others reworkings from his back catalogue. All tracks will be available to download individually. In September, the 12 new songs will be released on 12” vinyl as the new album ‘Night Songs’. The album will be made available sooner to subscribers to Franc’s website here.

“I wrote these songs throughout 2018 without any thought of making a record,” explains Franc. “I suppose they’ve all come from a place of introspection. They were songs I needed to write, plain and simple. But the 12 songs on the record definitely feel to me like they belong together and the title ‘Night Songs’ helps me understand them better.

“There’s a special beauty found only in the stillness of night, in the silent lonely darkness, dreams are born and reflections make way for answers. Night time isn’t the end of anything; it’s the beginning, it’s the seed of a brand new start.

“Some of the music I was listening to while making these songs has undoubtedly seeped its way into them… Jonathan Wilson, Blaze Foley, John Martyn and delving into Eastern folk music for the first time and listening to artists like N. Ravikiran and Ravi Shankar. Understanding those rhythms allowed for something totally new to happen in some of the songs.”

Franc’s joined on Night Songs by his regular band, bassist Laurence Saywood and drummer Drew Manley, along with guest vocalist Chantal Brown of the band Vodun.

Franc will be announcing tour dates for the Summer in due course. Listen to the first single ‘This Time’ below. Have a good one.

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Author: Mark Whitfield

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