Van Life – Johnny Dowd

Ithaca NY’s Johnny Dowd has been patrolling the dark, uneasy, unclassified byways and B-roads of the American heartlands for over two decades. A blistering, uncompromising guitar slinger and songwriter, Dowd is set to release his new album ‘Family Picnic’ this month, an ‘americana’ gem that returns to the topics and themes that inspired his legendary debut, ‘Wrong Side Of Memphis‘ and once again underlines Dowd as one of America’s true musical explorers. Americana-UK catches up with him as he prepares to embark on another European tour and asks him about the music that accompanies any such road trip. Continue reading “Van Life – Johnny Dowd”

Danni Nicholls “The Melted Morning” (Independent, 2019)

Danni Nicholls has been recording music for a decade now, and ‘The Melted Morning‘ attests she is at the top of her game. This third studio album keeps all the good ingredients of her past releases, most notably a punchy songwriting style and a velvety production, while highlighting the daintiness that she radiates elegantly. Continue reading “Danni Nicholls “The Melted Morning” (Independent, 2019)”

Anton & The Colts “No End of the Line” (Independent, 2018)

After four years of gigging around Scotland, Anton & The Colts decided to release their debut album last September. ‘No End of the Line’ draws on various influences with bluesy guitar riffs and a bit of soul but truly sticks to their Americana angle. The 4 piece line up of Anton O’Donnell, Roscoe Wilson, John Dunlop, and Dillon Haldane have certainly provided a tight sounding set of tracks, from a band that has played a lot of live gigs and it shows with the musicians easily blending together to produce a fairly authentic sounding Americana album. Continue reading “Anton & The Colts “No End of the Line” (Independent, 2018)”

The Cactus Blossoms “Got A Lotta Love” – Listen

The Cactus Blossoms are Minneapolis-based brother duo Page Burkum and Jack Torrey, and this laid back love song, co-written with Dan Auerbach, belies it’s smooth and easy mood  – the song actually came together really quickly (if one puts to one side the several months gestation it went through!).  Whilst visiting Dan Auerbach’s Nashville studio the brothers hit a jolt of inspiration, pulled out a melody they’d been kicking around for a whilke, found it was a good fit and had the song complete in the matter of a quarter of an hour.  It can be found on their soon to be released ‘Easy Way‘ album. 

Todd Snider unveils new single “The Ghost of Johnny Cash”

It would have been Johnny Cash’s 87th birthday this week were he still with us and to celebrate the Man in Black, Todd Snider has released a new song entitled ‘The Ghost of Johnny Cash’ which is taken from his forthcoming album ‘Cash Cabin Sessions Vol.3’ that sees a US release on March 15th via Thirty Tigers. The song was written by Snider, John Carter Cash and June Cash, and was recorded at Johnny Cash’s Cash Cabin Studio in Tennessee. Continue reading “Todd Snider unveils new single “The Ghost of Johnny Cash””

Carson McHone returns to UK for a handful of dates

There’s probably something somewhere in the Bible about Lazarus eating “a handful of dates” but Biblical references aside, that’s what Texan Carson McHone is coming over to the UK for (well, England) at the end of May. She’ll be bringing her full band with her all the way from Austin and the tour will include her first ever London headline show, with previous visits including showcase sets hosted by NME, Americanafest UK and Rough Trade East. Continue reading “Carson McHone returns to UK for a handful of dates”

Victor Krummenacher “Blue Pacific” (Veritas Recordings, 2019)

Successful artists and writers achieve their critical acclaim when they can translate their experiences and emotions onto a canvas of their choice, be that the written word, the painting, the song. The success of this expression is as much about honesty as just about anything else. Victor Krummenacher’s 9th solo album is a prime example, with a rich diversity of songs that are reflective, driving, upbeat. The artist admits this album is ‘more autobiographical and directly honest than anything I’ve done’ and the depth of that honesty is clear coming a year or so after a divorce. Continue reading “Victor Krummenacher “Blue Pacific” (Veritas Recordings, 2019)”

Songs for the apocalypse: The Jayhawks “It’s Up to You”

When Mark Olson left the Jayhawks it felt to me like one of the most beautiful songwriting partnerships since Lennon and McCartney was being torn apart like matchwood. Who knew then that the Jayhawks’ first album sans Olson would be one of the most beautiful records ever recorded. There were many songs that felt like classics but for me it was this one, with its wonderful lines like “Six green olives and a champagne basket/Paid the bill with your boyfriend’s plastic” that stood out the most. 22 years on, every time I hear it now the hairs on the back of my neck go up. Long live the Jayhawks.

Ryan Adams tour: “the concerts are still scheduled to go ahead”

NME, the BBC and a variety of outlets are reporting this morning that Ryan Adams’ forthcoming tour looks like it’s still happening for now, so if you’re after a refund after hearing about the recent revelations, you probably won’t have much luck – or not yet anyway. NME is reporting: “While it was reported that the upcoming release of album ‘Big Colors’ had been cancelled, his UK and Ireland tour dates  (including two nights at London’s Royal Albert Hall) are still currently set to take place. Continue reading “Ryan Adams tour: “the concerts are still scheduled to go ahead””