George Harrison “Cosmic Empire” – Far Out Demo From Fab Four Guitarist

Photo: Barry Feinstein

George Harrison – is he Americana?  Well, there’s a whole heap of Americana artists who claim to have been inspired by The Beatles so, what the heck, we’ll give him a pass – just this once.  Here’s a rare bird – a new release from Harrison, ‘Cosmic Empire‘ comes from the ‘All Things Must Pass‘ sessions, but didn’t make it to the album.  Strictly this is a demo, so you have to imagine the lush Phil Spector production for yourself.  But where would it have slipped in on that mighty 3 LP release?

Lovely – but what’s this all in aid of you’re surely wondering.   Well, to celebrate 50 years of the best solo release by an ex-Beatle the whole of ‘All Things Must Pass‘ has been given a bit of a polish and a repackage, and ‘Cosmic Empire‘ is by way of a bonus track.

But, you’re doubtless asking, is there more of this stuff?  Well, yes there sure is – the new release contains a full 3CDs worth of alternate takes and demos.  Like this alternate take of ‘Run of the Mill‘ which did make it onto the album, only not sounding much like this.

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