Glasgow Gig for Gaza announced for Royal Concert Hall

Credit: Sandy Butler

There is a body of activity in the world of roots music building around what many consider to be the great moral issue of our times, and in a powerful statement of solidarity and humanitarian support, a unique concert has been announced which will take place at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Wednesday 1st May 2024 which in the words of the organisers “promises to be an unforgettable evening of music, compassion, and unity.” The defining factor that brings artists involved together is that of compassion and support for those innocent families who find themselves caught in the current Gaza onslaught that has left huge numbers both homeless and starving. All profits from the concert will go to the British charity Medical Aid for Palestinians, a recognised organisation formed 37 years ago to provide medical services in the West Bank, Gaza and to advocate for Palestinians’ rights to health and dignity.

Artists involved include Deacon Blue, recognised as an iconic band in the Scottish music scene since the 1980s, Scottish folk royalty Capercaillie, singer-songwriter, former frontman of Love and Money and consummate storyteller James Grant,  who will bring his soulful voice to the stage with Siobhan Miller, a leading light in the contemporary Scottish folk scene. Also on the line-up is multi award-winning act and one of Scotland’s most sought-after folk bands Rura, Admiral Fallow with their eclectic blend of indie folk, chamber pop and cinematic soundscapes, while Duncan Chisholm, master of the Scottish fiddle, will showcase his virtuosity alongside revered piper Ross Ainslie weaving intricate melodies that echo the spirit of the Highlands. Plus there will be performances from Kitti, winner of best vocalist in the Scottish Jazz Awards across multiple years, and award-winning Scottish poets Jim Mackintosh and Julie MacNeill who will read poetry from their own repertoire, along with new work from poets still currently in Gaza.

Tickets for the concert are available here, and organisers urge the musical community of Scotland to show their support for this important cause.  Lorraine McIntosh of Deacon Blue said: “Since the awful events of October 7th we have looked on in growing horror at the destruction of Gaza and its infrastructure and the senseless death of over 30,000 innocent people. The only thing we can do to help in any small way is to raise money. With the destruction of practically all medical facilities in Gaza, we have chosen to support the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians who have a long history of delivering emergency healthcare to the people on the ground in Gaza where help is needed most. Our decision in no way lessons our horror at what happened on October 7th, and we join millions around the world in calling for an immediate cease fire and the release of all hostages.”

Donald Shaw of Capercaillie commented: “Capercaillie performed in the West Bank, Palestine back in the late 80s as part of a Middle East tour. We felt honoured to be welcomed by such wonderful people full of pride in their culture and resilience in the face of conflict. Performing on this gig for Gaza alongside these great artists on May 1st to raise even a modest offering feels like the least we can do to show our support in their hour of need.”

Jim Mackintosh has penned the following poem, entitled FLY FREE:

nor earth, nor boundless sea
can hold the souls of lost children
whose names are forever
inscribed on water
every last drop beyond the reach
of them – and we watch farther
grasp at their shadows
unshakable grief
confusing his efforts to pull
his everything back to solid dust
but on they rise, moth shaped stars
bright in the crescent moon
cold in the midday dark

We also recommend watching the video below if you have 15 minutes to spare from Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit on the excellent Double Down News which acknowledges that serious war-crimes took place on October 7th but challenges the official narrative around what happened. It’s a compelling watch.

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