Graham Nash, David Crosby and others talk about their favourite tracks from Joni’s “Blue”

The Guardian have published a piece this morning as Joni Mitchell’s legendary ‘Blue’ album turns 50, and they’ve interviewed “the musicians it inspired – and those who inspired it – [to] tell us which track means the most to them and why.” The piece includes pieces from everyone from David Crosby, James Taylor and Graham Nash to, er, Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet. Crosby for instance says: “Bob Dylan’s as good a poet as Joni, but nowhere near as good a musician. Paul Simon and James Taylor made some stunners – but for me, Blue is the best singer-songwriter album. Picking a song from it is like choosing between your children. Can you imagine a better song than A Case of You? She was so brilliant as a songwriter, it crushed me. But she gives us all something to strive for.”

You can read the whole piece over at The Guardian’s website here.

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