Hermanos Gutiérrez “Hermosa Drive” – something going on down the drive

Photo: Larry Nlehues

So we reach, at last, that midweek semi-regular pause we call Americana UK’s Groovy Instrumental Break and Guitar Workshop.  Yes – finally some escape from the relentless tide of lyrics.  We’ve featured the Zurich based duo  Hermanos Gutiérrez before, and ‘Hermosa Drive‘ is the latest single from the upcoming album ‘El Bueno Y El Malo’, which is out on October 28th via Easy Eye Sound.  And a very groovy sound it is – you can almost see the oversized American car cruising slowly down some quiet street, probably in the outskirts of LA, with nothing happening just yet…but, you know what, something may be about to kick off.

Estevan Gutiérrez tells the tale of the brothers’ rise from obscurity saying of their music “My brother and I, we did everything by ourselves— all the music, even the artwork. But during Covid, our music was streamed all over the world.”   This was especially sp for their 2020 album, ‘Hijos del Sol’ which eventually found its way to Dan Auerbach. After a twenty-minute conversation, they signed with Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound record label and started writing songs for their forthcoming album.

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