Hey/Oh brother! Dan Tyminski announces solo record

I always thought that Dan Tyminski looked like Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek. Rolling Stone Country reports: “A beloved acoustic musician and longtime member of Alison Krauss’s Union Station, Dan Tyminski has had a storied career spanning over three decades. Now, the Vermont-born singer-songwriter is preparing to release his new solo album Southern Gothic under the solitary moniker Tyminski. The new album sees Tyminski mixing his roots music pedigree with a wide range of contemporary influences on 13 songs he co-wrote with some of country’s best and brightest talents. Many of the songs were inspired by what Tyminski describes as his perceptions of “light and dark” and originally written for other artists, though he ultimately decided to record them himself. Co-writers on Southern Gothic include Sarah Buxton, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Monroe, Josh Kear, and the late Andrew Dorff.

In addition to his work as a performing musician, Tyminski famously gave his voice to the Coen Brothers’ Academy Award-nominated and Grammy-winning film O Brother, Where Art Thou?, providing the singing voice for George Clooney’s character Ulysses Everett McGill. More recently, he ventured beyond the borders of roots music to provide vocals on EDM artist Avicii’s global smash “Hey Brother.”

Southern Gothic is out October 20th. Here is the full track list:

1. “Southern Gothic” (Dan Tyminski, Jesse Frasure, Josh Kear)
2. “Breathing Fire” (Dan Tyminski, Cary Barlowe, Will Weatherly)
3. “Gone” (Dan Tyminski, Kyle Fishman, Nick Bailey)
4. “Temporary Love” (Dan Tyminski, Cary Barlowe, Jesse Frasure)
5. “Perfect Poison” (Dan Tyminski, Jesse Frasure)
6. “Devil Is Downtown” (Dan Tyminski, Ashley Monroe, Paul Moak)
7. “Hollow Hallelujah” (Dan Tyminski, Sarah Buxton, Jesse Frasure, Amy Wadge)
8. “Good for Your Soul” (Dan Tyminski, Sarah Buxton, Jesse Frasure)
9. “Wailing Wall” (Dan Tyminski, Sarah Buxton, Tofer Brown)
10. “Haunted Heart” (Dan Tyminski, Andrew Dorff, Cary Barlowe, Jesse Frasure)
11. “Bloodline” (Dan Tyminski, Cary Barlowe, Jesse Frasure)
12. “Wanted” (Dan Tyminski, Brad Rempel, Seth Mosley)
13. “Numb” (Dan Tyminski, Kyle Fishman, Nick Bailey, Ryan Ogren)


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