Honey Cellar “Borders”

Independent, 2022

Definitely one for traditionalists.

Artwork for Honey Cellar album "Borders"There are no passengers in the five-piece, Chicago-based, Honey Cellar. Instead, all members have multiple roles, enabling them to switch lead vocals and vary harmonies, keeping the sound bright and fresh; Joey Buttlar (drums, percussion), Danny Connolly (vocals, rhythm guitar), Lucy holden (vocals, violin, mandolin), Catherine Krol (vocals, bass, guitar) and Tariq- Shihadah (lead guitar).

Borders‘ is the band’s second album. It is a folk fest of eleven original songs derived from their varied life experiences over the last few years, including everything from heartbreak and death to new relationships and marriage with much in between.

A favourite theme is to connect, compare or contrast humankind with the natural world. ‘Artist’s Dream‘, a pretty yearning love song, draws parallels between emotions and the moon and tides. ‘Love Song‘ has a beautifully descriptive narrative and creates imaginative imagery, whilst ‘Come What May‘ is a gentle song of defiance in the face of what life throws our way. It is also a great example of their harmonising male and female vocals. ‘Passing Ships‘ is a nice easy listen with subtle instrumentation and pretty, harmonising vocals. ‘Dorma‘ features a beautifully constructed introduction before describing the immensity of nature. ‘About You‘ is a delicately charming account of unrequited yearning, and ‘Rice‘ showcases traditional violin, helping tell a story of profound loss alongside a determination to carry on.

All in all, several subjects and relationships are explored and explained through the band’s deep roots in folk music and their notable ability to create much food for thought with their reflections and ruminations.


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