Track Premiere: Brittany Collins “The Journey”

Photo: Zach Moffatt

The Journey‘ tells a story of coming together and then….staying together.  Pretty novel in an Americana world of constant break-ups and lost loves.  The slightly funky roots rocker tells of the merits of two people not being not lonely together, instead of being lonely apart.   Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Brittany Collins didn’t step on stage to perform in public until her twenties – but she has the bug now and has previously released two self-produced, self-released EPs, ‘The Hitchhiker EP’ and ‘Rough Sides’.  A full length album is now on its way.

Brittany Collins told Americana UK  a bit about the new song and her upcoming album ‘Things I Tell My Therapist‘ which will be released on September 2nd.

When I wrote this song I had been with my boyfriend (now husband) for about five years, and I was thinking about how so many songs focus on the “butterflies” of new love, but not a lot of them talk about that feeling of security you get when you’ve been with someone a number of years and they just know you. New love is exciting and discombobulating, but having someone who brings home your favourite takeout when you’ve had a bad day, or who knows when you’re ready to leave a party without you having to say anything, there’s something so lovely and comforting about that. I wanted to write a song about a love that withstands the test of time and grows stronger. 

This record is really about rebirth for me. When I began writing it I was in a period of transition kind of grappling with some childhood trauma and I really felt like I was at a crossroads in deciding how I wanted my life to look. I’m sure a lot of us felt like that over the last several years. But I wanted to just put it all out there on the table and confront the things that make me who I am. The hard stuff and the happy stuff and the triumph over struggle and all of it. My hope is that people who have had similar experiences might hear the record and realize they aren’t alone, that it’s never too late to build a life you’re proud of. 

When I first brought the song to my producer it was actually a little bit slower and the key was different, but we wanted to craft a vibe that was really warm and matched the energy of the lyrics. Even though it probably had the most significant changes from how it was first written to how it sounds on the album it was probably actually the quickest song we recorded. Everything just came together really seamlessly, and the band just jammed it out. I think you can hear that energy coming through on the record.

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