iskwē And Tom Wilson “Long Way Down” – prelude to a new album!

Photo: Heather Pollock

iskwē And Tom Wilson return with a recording from their upcoming album ‘Mother Love‘ which expands on the perhaps unlikely duos’ earlier recordings ‘Starless Nights‘ and ‘Blue Moon Drive‘ which made such an impression in 2020 and 2021.  Why unlikely – well iskwē’s high concept recordings and live shows and Wilson’s reputation as a rootsy, no-nonsense storyteller are not an obvious pairing.  Which is why it all happened by accident.  When Wilson and iskwē first met, they had no idea they’d discover a new world of creativity and collaboration years later. Then, on a baseball field in Hamilton in 2016, the two were simply in the same place at the same time, cheering on family members during a beer league softball game. “We met as human beings; not at a conference or backstage, but in our leisure time,” iskwē says. “And we just hit it off.”

It was completely uncontrived,” Wilson adds. “It’s not like we ran into each other and said, ‘hey, we should make a record.’” But, luckily for us, that is exactly what they have done.

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