Jake Potter “Apparitions”

Indnepndent, 2023

On his debut EP, Jake Potter shows promise with his combination of late sixties roots and nineties alt-country.

Picking up on some of the key developments in Americana music, combining them and then coming up with a thematic EP as your debut move, is a very gutsy proposition. To make it work, you not only have to really know what you are doing but actually have enough talent and inventiveness to make it work. One such attempt that actually works, comes from North Carolina singer-songwriter Jake Potter, with his 5-song EP ‘Apparitions’. Potter is an obvious fan of the late sixties Americana stream led by The Band and also the nineties alternative country wave pioneered by Uncle Tupelo and he tries to musically combine both of these on this EP. At the same time, Potter sets up a theme (albeit a somewhat loose one) through all five songs here. As the title indicates, they all deal with ‘ghosts’ of all sorts and kinds.

Luckily for Potter and his listeners, he has both songwriting and vocals skills and is backed by a slick set of musicians to make both his music and loose concept work. This makes ‘Apparitions’ quite an interesting debut. Hopefully, Potter will build on this initial promise with his future releases.


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