Jared Dustin Griffin “Bottle On The Stove” – battling internal demons

Photo: Candace Bagley

Bottle on the Stove‘ is the most recent single from the album ‘Battle Cry Mercy‘ by Jared Dustin Griffin.  It’s his debut solo album, although he has previously released albums as Rocks & Salt, a duo with Nicole Ridgwell, and in the band project Sioux City Kid.  Griffin’s distinctive vocals are deployed on ‘Battle Cry Mercy‘ to convey very personal stories related to his struggles with mental health and addiction that has caused his musical life to be interspersed with periods of homelessness.  Raised in the west of America and brought up on old gospel and blues Jared Dustin Griffin found himself on the road at an early age, travelling across the USA and abroad under his own musical banner and also supporting acts such as Emmylou Harris, Ray Wylie Hubbard and Lost Dog Street Band.

Jared Dustin Griffin told Americana UK that: “As the oldest song on the album this has been through several reincarnations, which is fitting for a song that addresses my struggles with addiction and alcohol abuse in the form of a murder ballad. I feel that addiction is the slow murdering of oneself with a noose you put around your own neck, and nothing, not trying to run from it, not clawing at the threads, will stop the chafing that chokes the life out of you. 

 Larry Eagle the drummer from Bruce Springsteen’s Seeger Session album and tours plays the drums here, it’s Frank Swart from Patty Griffin and John Hiatt bands on bass, and Eamon McLoughlin, the long-serving member of the Grand Old Opry house band on fiddle and mandolin. This was actually the first song recorded for the album even though it’s actually the oldest song in terms of when I wrote it.


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