Jaspar Lepak “One Brave Life” – looking for life’s gifts

One Brave Life‘ is, if you like, a dream list for a perfect life – “we all one great love / we all one true home” sings Lepak to a jangling banjo accompaniment.  But…but it’s not all going to be plain sailing and there’s an acknowledgement that “We want to leave knowing we did more right than we did wrong / No one makes it through this life without hurting anyone.”  Ouch – but, well, true enough.

This new song from Jaspar Lepak was commissioned by New York Times bestselling author JoAnn Ross as the theme song for her upcoming novel ‘The Inheritance.’ The novel focuses on the lives of three sisters who meet for the first time at a winery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley after their father dies. They discover their shared history of bravery and romance from their grandmother, who regales tales of heroic escapades as a French spy in WWII France and of love for a wounded American soldier that changes the course of all of their lives. The story has six main characters, so Jaspar focused on the common themes between them: a shared desire for love, a sense of purpose, and forgiveness.

In celebration of this unique collaboration, Jaspar and JoAnn will team up for a live conversation and Q+A on September 9, streaming live on YouTube and Facebook (more information on that here).

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