Jeremy Ivey to release third album in March new single out now

Former member of Buffalo Clover, Jeremy Ivey, has announced his third album ‘Invisible Pictures‘ will be released on March 11th on Anti-. Ivey released his critically acclaimed solo debut ‘The Dream and The Dreamer‘ in 2019 and ‘Waiting Out The Storm‘ in 2020; both albums received good press on both sides of the Atlantic. The album was finished with Elliot Smith collaborator Rob Schnapf in Nashville where Ivey resides. Of the new album’s sound, Ivey said
When you sing a melody in your head, you can either put three chords around it or nine”, says Ivey, who plays one of Smith’s hollow-body guitars on the record. “This time, I aimed for nine”.
The single ‘Orphan Child‘ was released ahead of the album. Of the themes in the new song, Ivey said
I’ve always felt like l was born at the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong body to the wrong people, maybe it’s because I was adopted, but I think it’s more than that. As soon as you’re born you are automatically judged by someone because of your sex or race or the culture you are raised in. Hated for something that you had no part in choosing. That’s what this song is about.”.
The album will be available on vinyl and cd, and the new single is available to stream now on your favourite digital platform.

1. Orphan Child
2. Trial By Fire
3. Keep Me High
4. Downhill (Upside Down Optimist)
5. Grey Machine
6. Phantom Limb
7. Empty Game
8. Invisible Pictures
9. Black Mood
10. Silence And Sorrow

‘Invisible Pictures‘ can be preordered on Ivey’s website.

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