Jingle Bells Friday – Do you really want Eggnog?

Well, it’s getting closer – just fourteen more sleeps to go.  So, it really is time to finalise that selection of all the drinks you only drink at Christmas and avoid like a pandemic for the rest of the year.  This week’s Jingle Bells Friday walks that fine line between Christmas optimism and Christmas gloom – but we know that optimism will win in the end.  Keep your eye on the prize (and keep dropping hints about the new Neil Young Archives release – it’s really not too late you know).

Ryan Hamilton has a bleak sounding ‘Christmas Wish‘ opening as it does with “it’s been seven years since we said “I do” and one year since you left.”  Spoiler alert – this duet with Emily Capell ends happily.  The flip side of the single is a Loretta Lynn cracker: “To Heck With Ole Santa Claus”.

Anton O’Donnell takes on the getting everyone up on their feet and boogying for Christmas (not a sight you necessarily want to see) challenge with the upbeat and groovy ‘Ain’t no way (I’m Missin’ Christmas with You)‘.

The Anglo-Australian duo Heywood & Moore put a much needed sense of reality: ‘Headin’ Home (for Christmas)‘ is a raucous tale of holiday drivin’ craziness.

Pearl Charles gets us deep into the Americana Christmas feel with a cover of The Band’s ‘Christmas Must Be Tonight.’  It’s from their  ‘Islands‘ album if it isn’t coming quickly to mind.

We hinted in the first ‘Jingle Bells Friday‘ that we love a song of drunkenness and despair – nothing says Christmas more clearly.  So here’s The Ella Sisters who offer up the chance to be ‘Drunk On December‘.  The only trouble is – do we have to have two scotch eggs with every pint ?

And finally for this week Jack Blackman and the Beautiful Wreck seem to be suffering from a dichotomy of feelings about the Yuletide.  On the one hand they declare “You can keep your Christmas cheer – I wish it was Summer”  and on the other hand downloads of the song, available on all digital platforms will support Musicians Against Homeless with all proceeds going to Crisis.


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