Joe Stamm “Flower Of The Everglades” – overlooking beauty

Joe Stamm has put together a collection of songs which form the new EP ‘Allegheny‘ on which he is joined by The Allegheny High, more usually to be found supporting Charles Wesley Godwin.  And, on ‘Flower of the Everglades‘, the whole gang is there – Stamm, Allegheny High and Charles Wesley Godwin adding additional vocals.  It’s a song about a place of belonging – a beautiful mansion built looking out to sea – which is the heart of a close knit family.  This being Americana naturally there’s a twist, in the form of a hurricane which scatters the family as much as it scatters the building materials that make up the beloved home.  Is this hubris in the face of the relentless power of nature?  A house built where it never should have been, a family clinging to their lost dream even as it falls through their hands?  Maybe so.

Speaking of the EP, Joe Stamm says: “I hand-picked these songs specifcally for Charles and the Allegheny High, and I’m just grateful they took some time away from world domination to work ’em up with me. They’re truly some of the good guys, and I think they’re the best out there doing it right now.”

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Alan Peatfield

Clearly from the same stable as Charles W Godwin, who to my ears is indeed a “god.” A great song and Joe certainly needs my attention – pronto.