Video Premiere: Tim Grimm “Broken Truth”

Photo credit: Alyssa Branch

As the US Presidential election approaches, Tim Grimm offers his view on one of the candidates – a certain former-President.  ‘Broken Truth’ applies Grimm’s thoughtful approach to songwriting and his insightful lyricism to the themes of a divisive politician and a divided America.  His weary voice is perfect for his expressions of disbelief that we’re heading down this road again: “Damn that man who tears this country apart // He’s got no shame, he’s got no soul // He’s got no poetry inside to make him whole.”  In the best traditions of protest folk, Grimm is powerfully direct, venting his frustration that Trump didn’t just go away after losing the 2020 election and being at the heart in the decline of public civility. Sergio Webb adds sublime guitar to the track and pianist Nate Borofsky also joins, adding more texture.

Grimm says of the song:  “We as a society should have dismissed Trump after his loss, and certainly after the January 6thstorming of the Capitol. We should have arrested him, and dismantled the framework that enabled him. But we didn’t, and he’s still out there, telling outright lies and running for another term. We must speak up.We must face this deep tear in the fabric of our society, not bury our heads in the sand.We must fight back. We must not let our country descend into this dystopian madness.We need to wield the songwriting sword with a fervent intent these days. For 9 years we’ve lived with sorrow – our will has been tested and our hearts have been broken.Let’s turn the tide and wield Pete Seeger’s Hammer.Let’s make America a good place,a compassionate place which can be called a beacon for truth and hope again. I’ll be singing, loud and clear.”

Over the last 25 years, Grimm has been delivering folk songs in the vein of John Prine and Woody Guthrie, addressing social issues alongside tales of everyday people and their families and communities.  His ninth and most recent full-length release, 2023’s ‘The Little In-Between’, is an intense and  deeply personal album that comes highly recommended.  Play the new single on repeat as the election nears.

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Jonathan Aird

What a great, great song – Tim Grimm really nails it!

William J Richardet

Keep speaking for us my friend! Love your work. Saw you in Murphysboro, Illinois recently when you played this song “first time out of state of originality”