Joel Paterson “King Street Breakdown” – play that guitar!

Wednesday afternoon – and the blissful retreat from all those pesky lyrics as we enter the Americana UK Ragtime Breakdown Zone (or the AUKRBZ as we sometimes call it).  And today on the AUKRBZ (that’s the Americana UK Ragtime Breakdown Zone in case you are not yet familiar with that acronym) we have Joel Paterson.  He’s got a new album – ‘Wheelhouse Rag‘ – coming out on the 18th of August on Jalopy Records.   The album features 14 original ragtime and country blues instrumentals for solo, finger picking acoustic guitar, and ‘Wheelhouse Rag’ will be issued on 140gram vinyl LP, on CD in a beautiful cardstock wallet package and via digital download and streaming, with album art and notes by Joel Paterson.  

Joel can be heard on the recordings of the Cactus Blossoms, JD McPherson, Kelly Hogan, Pokey LaFarge, and Deke Dickerson.  This album marks his first foray into unvarnished solo acoustic guitar music.

And folks – this one is a real distal and proximal phalanx-tapper.  It really is.

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