Joselyn And Don “Deep Down” – God speed Mother Nature….

Joselyn and Don are Don Barrozo and Joselyn Wilkinson and their take on roots inspired music draws on touchstones from the blues, jazz and folk.  Montanans turned Angelinos, the duo have a new EP, ‘Seeds & Bones’, due out October 7th – the follow up to their 2020 album release ‘Soar.‘  This song is inspired by a creek that runs near to Joselyn and Don’s neighbourhood in Los Angeles. It’s an oasis in the middle of the city that draws migratory songbirds, raptors, bunnies, and coyotes. The Tongva tribal village of Saangna was once located there, and people thrived there for millennia. The village sites are now obliterated, and the L.A. River is covered with concrete to control the flooding that once regularly renewed the area.

Deep Down‘ imagines the voices of both Mother Nature and the people who once lived on this now paved and controlled place.  Joselyn says “I feel that nature speaks to us whenever we choose to listen. In the song ‘Deep Down,’ I become that nature spirit, expressing both my right to exist and my connection with the listeners, inviting them to reclaim their own wild hearts. My hope is that when people feel reconnected to the earth, they might be inspired to live more sustainably and protect their beautiful home.

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