Julian Taylor “Opening The Sky” – Pulling your heritage through to the future

We’re so glad we discovered Julian Taylor a couple of years ago, not that he was new to the music scene but it has only been with the last couple of his solo albums – the wonderful ‘The Ridge‘ and the upcoming and looking to be shaping up as equally wonderful ‘Beyond the Reservoir‘ – that he has really been fully within that thing we call Americana.  And so it’s great to feature his new single from the new album – a song that builds from a simple folky opening to a full-on folk symphony by the end.

It’s a song that features one of Julian Taylor’s strongest beliefs – the importance of family, and family connections.  The song’s title references the Mohawk name of Taylor’s grandfather, while the lyric “light bright snow” refers to his daughter’s name in the same language.  And ‘Opening The Sky‘ is a song of advice to his daughter framed as the words of his grandfather, as he explains: “Women are the givers of life and have an incredibly powerful gift inside filled with love, courage, and strength.  I felt like I wanted to say that in this song, and let my daughter know that whatever happens, to keep her head up and wear her heart on her sleeve. If there’s unjust things happening in the world around her, or to her, to know that she can stand up for what’s right, and believe in herself. No matter what, I’ll always be there for her, whether in the flesh or in spirit. I hope the song is transformative, and exudes this feeling of unconditional love.”

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