Video: Native Harrow “Heart of Love”

Gorgeous visuals, gorgeous sounds, gorgeous theme: ‘Heart of Love’ – a song that unselfconsciously explores the deepest of emotional bonds – is the latest single from Native Harrow.  The language manages to be at once disarmingly direct and poetic at the same time: “Building a house for our dreams to come true // Making a place for our love to bloom // Watching years pass us by it’s still you // You I think I dreamed you up long before I really knew you.”  It’s incredibly earnest and heartfelt, an approach that is genuinely affecting for the listener, who has been allowed a close up glimpse of loving devotion.  The song benefits from the dreamily drifting sounds of Joe Harvey-Whyte’s pedal steel and Alex Hall’s fluid, tumbling percussion.  With Tuel’s melodic, ethereal vocal over the top, the overall sound is beautiful.

The song is taken from Native Harrow’s forthcoming album, ‘Old Kind of Magic’, which is due for release on 28th October.  It’s their third release on Loose, their fifth overall, and it tells the story of their adventurous move from the USA to the Brighton seaside.  Early in 2021, Stephen Harms and Devin Tuel arrived in the UK.  Inspired by the unfamiliarity of every aspect of life, and to the soundtrack of the seagulls, they soon decided that “…this is the perfect place to make a record.”  In the resulting ten songs, there is, indeed, magic to be found.  As much as these songs reflect the exploration of new places, the dislocation and the geography of strangeness, they also tell the story of the rediscovery of themselves and their love.  The album is both expansive and intimate, sweepingly wide-open and introspective.

This really is timeless music that will transport you from your busy day to elsewhere.  Check it out.

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